Privacy Policy

The information you provide to On Country Workforce Solutions will be stored on a secure data base within On Country Workforce Solutions. This information is not accessible by anyone outside of On Country Workforce Solutions.

This data will be used to determine your suitability for employment with On Country Workforce Solutions. Where it is considered that you may be a suitable candidate for a position, your details may be provided to the host employer.

It is standard practice that following work with a host employer, a referee report will be obtained from the host employer. This information will also be stored on the data base.

You may request to view the information held in relation to you at any time.

Where you are able to demonstrate that information held on the data base is incorrect that information will be corrected. Should there be a discrepancy regarding the accuracy of information, a record to that effect will be included on the data base.

Should you at any time wish to have your account de-activated, please contact On Country Workforce Solutions on 0402 822 897.

Failure to provide the information requested may limit On Country Workforce Solutions’ ability to find adequate opportunities for you with host employers.